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Got Questions?  

Q: What is Sub-Zero?

A: Sub-Zero is an annual Winter Retreat for churches in the Southeast Region! It started in 2016 with just 2 churches and continues to grow as we find more and more churches who are willing to partner with us in our mission!


Q: What is the mission of Sub-Zero?

A: The heart and mission of Sub-Zero is really 3 things… First, we work hard to create a safe environment where middle school and high school students can encounter the living God and cultivate their hearts for Him. Second, we lean into what God is doing and leave room for the Holy Spirit to move and do what only He can do. Third, we commit to challenging students to consider Jesus as the way, the truth and the life, and equipping them to live for Him the rest of their lives. 


Q: When is Sub-Zero 2024?

A: Sub-Zero 2024 starts on Friday, January 19th, and ends on Sunday, January 21st. Check-in will start at 6:00pm (CT) on Friday, and we will dismiss at 11:00a (CT) on Sunday!


Q: Where is Sub-Zero 2024 located?

A: We will be meeting at Springville Camp and Conference Center located at 3886 Mountain View Road, Odenville, AL 35120. 

Q: How much is Sub-Zero 2024

A: The cost for Sub-Zero 2024 is $169. This price is the same for counselors and students. Included in the cost is lodging for 2 nights, 5 meals, 4 worship/teaching sessions, on-site activities, and a t-shirt!


Q: How do I register for Sub-Zero 2024?

A: You can register for Sub-Zero 2024 at!


Q: Who can attend Sub-Zero?

A: Sub-Zero 2024 designed for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers, grades 6th-12th, ages 11-18!


Q: How many counselors can we bring?

A: Our desired ratio for counselors to campers is 1:8. This means that for every 8 students, you have 1 counselor. Our preference is that your number of male and female counselors directly corresponds to your number of male and female students. If you'd like to bring more than the desired ratio, we welcome the extra help!


Q: How many students can we bring?

A: As of right now, space is not a concern for Sub-Zero 2024, so feel free to bring as many as you can!

Q: What should I pack for Sub-Zero?

A: We will provide a recommended packing list to the leader of each group, so reach out to your leader for more information!


Q: Are phones allowed?

A: No, phones are not allowed. We highly recommend that you turn them into your leaders when the weekend starts. Our heart is that you have an entire weekend free from the pressures and demands that come with having access to a phone and social media. However, we understand that there are special circumstances, and we are absolutely willing to be flexible. Please have your leader reach out to us with any concerns you may have.


Q: How do I pay for Sub-Zero?

A: You should make all payments for Sub-Zero directly to your group’s leader. They will collect all individual payments for your group and make one large payment to Sub-Zero. 


Q: When is the payment due to Sub-Zero?

A: Group payments will be due no later than January 3rd, 2024. Students can be added after this date, but the payment for students registered at that time will be due.

Q: Can I get a refund if I register but am unable to attend?

A: Refunds will be done through your church until January 3rd, 2024. After January 3rd, refunds of 50% will be given for people who need to cancel. For this reason, please be sure that you will be able to attend prior to January 3rd. 


Q: What about Covid-19?

A: Covid-19 has raised many questions in every area of our lives, and now more than ever, we are finally feeling like we have some answers. The current plan for Sub-Zero is to keep moving forward. While Covid-19 no longer seems to be the headline, we will be monitoring the situation closely and making adjustments as needed.


Q: What if Covid-19 prevents my entire church group from attending?

A: Springville Camp and Conference Center is working with us and being very flexible. If your entire church is unable to attend due to a Covid-19 outbreak, we will issue a full refund to your group (even if it is after January 3rd).


*This does not include deciding to cancel after January 3rd solely due to concerns or fear of Covid-19, which would result in a refund of 50%*.

Q: What if Covid-19 prevents an individual student from attending?

A: If an individual student or family is unable to attend due to a positive Covid-19 test or Covid-19 symptoms, we will issue a full refund for that student.

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